Williams Surname DNA Project
   The Williams DNA Project was established in January 2003 with the purpose of gaining a better understanding of all the various Williams lineages in the world. Hardly a family can say they don't have a Williams line in their ancestry. This project has proven very successful in helping many researchers prove and disprove their genealogies. Could it help you?

Williams DNA Fund
   The Williams DNA fund was established to encourage new particpation by helping defray the costs of the testing for those who are financially restricted. More ----->

Fund Status: Yellow!!

Latest News and DNA Results - 8 Mar 2006
   Welcome to the latest evolution of the Williams DNA Project portion of the website. There have been two changes made to the results page with this update. First, because of the growing size of the table, I have chopped the results page into three separate pages; one for matched groups, one for the no-match group and the final page for kits that we are awaiting results on. The other big change is this addition of the mtDNA testing results, again on a page of their own.

   The project is cruising along. We have recently passed our 3rd anniversary and it is amazing the amount of growth we have seen in such a short amount of time. And, with 43 groups of matched participants, most of which are surprises, we can see the benefits of testing. To date, we have 257 participants in the project with a slew of tests all due back around the 13th of March. On to the results pages!

DNA Project Lineages
   Trying to find out which lineages are currently participating in the project? Well, this is the place to find short descriptions of our participants ancestry. Read More ----->
DNA Project Forum
   A new feature with this version of the website is a discussion forum, with a section dedicated to sharing information about the DNA project. Make sure to visit the Forums!
Frequently Asked Questions
   Do you have questions about the project? Who can participate? How much does it cost? How does the testing work? Well, this area is just for you! Here are 20 of the most commonly asked questions!
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