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Submitted On: 9 Nov 2004 - Submitted By: Terry Williams - tandkfarms@aol.com
I am Terry Williams, my Dad was Lee Williams from Forest City, Missouri, his father was George Riley Williams also from Forest City, MO. His father was Bruce Williams born in Illinois about 1846, he married Tabetha Elizabeth Turnham about 1866, that is about as far as I can go back. Oon a Henry County, Missouri website I found more of his family, a census from 1850, list his Mom and dad James from Kentucky and Jane from Indiana and brothers and sisters.

Submitted On: 1 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Margaret Burrows - mjane@1starnet.com
I have an unknown Williams father of my gr, gr, grandfather, Christopher Williams. I think Christopher's mother was Jenny Robinson Williams. She and Christopher's siblings were named in the 1828 DeKalb Co, TN, will of her father, Stephen Robinson. The siblings listed were Christopher, Isaac, James, Lucy, Betsy and Jane. These were all names used in my Christopher's naming of his children. Jenny (may be Jane) had two brothers in the War of 1812, Stephen Jr, and Edward. Christopher married Elizabeth Rebecca Evans, dau/o Nathan Evans, in Sept, 1837. There is a document in 1837, Smith/DeKalb Co, TN, taking the guardianship of his grandmother, Elizabeth/Betty Holland Robinson, from Christopher Williams and giving it to her son, James Robinson. Have a feeling that it was due to Christopher's marriage. I know that Christopher's father was from NC. There are a lot of connections with this family of Braswells, Evans, Avants, Fites, and Robinsons. I'm all around this brickwall; but just can not fit the un-known Williams into the right slot. Really appreciate any help or suggestions.

Submitted On: 10 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Sharon Reed-Miller - sharonsreed@yahoo.com
My mother's maiden name was Williams. I gave up on doing anything else on her line----so many Williams families and because I hit a brick wall back in the late 1970s. I'm stuck on Mom's great grandfather who was born in Jackson County TN in 1830. Here's the earliest info I have:

1--James W. Williams (b:12 Feb 1830 Jackson County TN) (d:1 Jan 1915 Newton County MO)
+Mary Ann Crowder (b:14 Apr 1837 Jackson County TN) (d:7 Apr 1897 Newton County MO)
2--Lucy Ann Williams (b:12 Jan 1856)
+_______ Osborn
2--William P. Williams (b:18 Mar 1858 Jackson County TN) THIS IS MY LINE--SRM
+Elmira Elizabeth Hughlett
2--Benjamin Eaton Williams (b:17 Aug 1860)
+Sarah E. _______
2--James Williams (b:22 Nov 1863)
2--Martha Williams (b:23 Feb 1865)
2--Susan Williams (b:28 Aug 1867)
2--John Williams (b:04 Oct 1869)
2--Mary Dee William (b:31 Mar 1872)
+_______ House
2--George Williams (b:28 Jun 1874)
2--Nannie Williams (b:10 Jan 1877)
+________ Blankenship
2--Sallie Williams (b:20 Sep 1880)
+ Henry Heirs

Submitted On: 10 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Peggy Morse - peggymorse@aol.com
I am currently working on my Great-grandmother's lineage, and have no information about her parents. Her name was Bessie Leona Williams, and she married Jarrett Ray Bumgardner in 1910. They lived in the northern panhandle region of West Virginia, so there are family members in SW Pennsylvania and SE Ohio.

I believe she was born around 1890 in Belmont County Ohio. One of her siblings was Tom Williams (lost a leg in a coal mining accident) who was married to Minnie Williams and had several children, two of whom were Ray and Rowena. Another sibling was Hazel Williams, who never married, and another was a brother who served in WWI.

My father told me at family gatherings there was Confederate memorabilia passed around, and stories about an uncle who served in the Civil war for the South.

Any information that could be passed on to me would be greatly appreciated.

Submitted On: 10 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Vicki Lundsford Smith - parkershores@yahoo.com
I am looking for any info on my ggrandmother. Nora Jane Williams b. 1880 in Arkansas
At some point she changed her name to Mandy/Amanda Williams and then back to Nora Jane. She married James R. Shores in Yell Co., Arkansas in 1895 as Mandy Williams. She seems to have resided in Scott Co., Arkansas and had a brother named George or a picture of her brother taken in Georgia.

Submitted On: 13 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Mary Jane McIntire - mjmi@cox.net
Rev. Ralph WILLIAMS was born @1775-1776 in either VA, NC, or PA, per his children's census records. He married Martha "Patsy" OWSLEY in 1798 in Lincoln County, KY. He lived in Pulaski County, KY from 1800 - 1808. He was a Methodist minister in KY and later in IN. In 1808, he moved to Franklin County, IN. In 1830, he, Martha, and several children moved to Madison Co, IN. Martha is buried in the Metamore
Cemetery, Franklin Co., IN. Ralph is buried in the Menden Cemetery, Madison Co., IN.

Known issue of Ralph and Martha (Owsley) WILLIAMS:

1. Lucy WILLIAMS, b. 1800 in KY. Married John Smith CURRY and had nine children. Died 1881.
2. Thomas WILLIAMS b. 1801 in KY. Married Rachel HARDY and had three children. Lived in Fayette Co., IN. Died 1838.
3. Anthony WILLIAMS b. 1802 in KY. Died 1835.
4. Joseph WILLIAMS, b. 1803 in KY. Married Susannah HENDERSON and had eight children. Killed in the Civil War and is buried at Vicksburg National Cemetery.
5. Patience WILLIAMS, b. 1805 in KY. Married Hillary SILVEY and had eleven children.
6. George Washington WILLIAMS, b. 1807 in KY. No further information.
7. John Huston WILLIAMS, b. 1809. Married Catherine SKINNER had had six children.
Died 1847.
8. Ralph WILLIAMS, Jr. b. 1810 in IN. Married Catherine WINDELL and had four children.
Died 1889.
9. Mary "Polly" WILLIAMS b. @1809. No further information.
10. Martha Williams, b. @1811 in IN. Married Thomas PLUMMER who died 1881 in KS.
11. William H. WILLIAMS, b. 1816 in IN. Died 1852. No further information.
12. Zachariah WILLIAMS, b. 1819 in IN. Married Susannah REGER and had two sons. Died 1845 in Madison Co., IN.

Submitted On: 10 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Robert H. Williams Jr. - wa4dyk@bellsouth.net
This is my Williams family line.

Daniel Williams born abt. 1790 in Va. died abt. 1844 Haywood County, NC. Married Ellenor (Jenkins ?) born abt 1801.Children listed are from a will and census records.

Andrew Jackson Williams born abt. 1823.
William Elijah Williams born abt. 1825.
Rhoda Williams born abt. 1826.
Chaney Williams born abt. Jan. 11, 1826.
Nancy Ann Williams born abt. 1835
Thomas N. Williams born abt. 1836
James M. Williams born March 13, 1838
James M. Williams married Elizabeth Jane Owen Oct. 29, 1837 in Haywood County, NC. James died June 7, 1913 in Paulding County, Georgia. Elizabeth Jane Owen Williams was born Sept. 1839 in Haywood Co., NC. DIED BEFORE 1878 in Paulding Co., GA.Their children;

A.J. Wells Williams born abt. 1859
John Emory Williams born Feb. 11, 1860
Jaboc Green Berry Elisha Williams born Jan. 16, 1862
James Henry Williams born abt 1864
Elizabeth E. Williams born abt 1866
William Thomas Williams born Oct. 1867
Martha Ann Williams born Oct. 29, 1870
Rhoda L. M. Williams born May 28, 1871
Alice E. Williams born June 1875
John Emory Williams married Mary Frances Wilkins July 28, 1889 in Paulding Co., Ga. John died March 21, 1940 in Polk County, GA. Mary Frances Wilkins Williams was born Jan. 18, 1870 and died Feb. 3, 1955.Their children;

James Oscar Williams born July 28, 1890
Lily Mae Williams born May 13, 1892
Ramon T. Williams born June 28, 1893
John Virgil Williams born May 31, 1895
Henry Grady Williams born May 28, 1897
Irene Williams born Nov. 22, 1898
Jessie Williams born Jan. 17, 1901
Earnest Williams born April 3, 1902
Green Berry Williams born April 13, 1903
Frances Bulah Williams born June 25, 1904
Dewey G. Williams born Jan. 11, 1906
Mary Ester Williams born May 16, 1908
Robert H. Williams Sr. born March 28, 1910 (My father)

All these children and birth dates are from John Emory Williams family Bible. This is John's second family. He had four children by his first wife Martha Flora Lawrence. These children were;

Sarah Jane Williams born Nov. 5, 1881
William O. Williams born Nov. 13, 1883
Charlie C. Williams born Jan. 22, 1886
Grove G. Williams born June 17, 1888

Submitted On: 22 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Daniel F. Williams - dfwilliams@bendcable.com
I'm new to genealogy of my ancestors and have virtually no family records to go by. I have appended what I've learned of my father's family from federal censuses and other resources on the web. I'm particularly interested in finding more information on Charles's antecedents and Charles and Cynthia's offspring. One of their children, John Wakefield Williams, was my grandfather. I'm also interested in the genealogy of their other children, S. Thomas, William H., George, and Effie.

Charles and Cynthia Williams Lineage

Charles C.? Williams, b abt 1833 (1828-33 from various sources) in Pennsylvania. Father Unknown Williams, b. in NY, mother unknown, b. in PA Home in 1860: Punxsutawney, Jefferson, Pennsylvania
Charles married Cynthia McCraken (b abt 1832 in Clearfield Co., Pennsylvania). Their children were:

Samuel Thomas (went by Thomas), b abt 1855 in Pennsylvania
William H., b abt 1859 in Pennsylvania
George, b abt 1862 in Pennsylvania
John Wakefield, b 1867 in Des Moines, Polk Co., Iowa (my grandfather)
Effie (went by Ellie), b abt 1874 in Iowa (married Jesse R. Richards)

I located a cemetery record that probably is this Cynthia: Custer Co., NE Cemeteries: Lone Tree Cemetery--Williams, Cynthia, wife of C C Williams, died October 1, 1901, Aged 71 yrs 5 m 14 d [= 17 Apr 1830?] This is the only clue that Charles? middle initial was C, but Cynthia?s age on the tombstone doesn't quite match the various ones from different censuses suggesting birth years from 1830-1832, but mostly 1832.

John Wakefield Williams married Mary Luella Melvin (went by Luella when young, Mary when adult, b. 11 Jan 1880 in Western, Saline Co., Nebraska) on 29 Dec 1902 in Glendive, Dawson Co., Montana. Their children were:
Hazel Elsie, 28 Sep 1903, born in Western, NE--married Glenn Brackett, no children
Alice 11 May, 1906, Glendive, MT, never married, no children
Stella Dorthy, 6 July 1908, Glendive, MT, disappeared in the 1930's
Grace Elinore, 2 March 1911, Boise, ID, married Unknown Lotgering, one son, Gene Lotgering
John Frank (one family document says Franklin, went by Frank), 4 May 1915, Terrebonne, Deschutes Co., Oregon (my father), married Margaret Lucille Zehner (b 18 Apr 1919, Bonita, Malhuer Co., Oregon
Margaret Elizabeth, 25 June 1916, Terrebonne, Deschutes Co., OR, married John Satti, one daughter, Janice
James Russell, 24 Feb. 1922 in Bend, Deschutes Co., Oregon --died 1922

Submitted On: 22 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Hazel Jenkins - hazeldj@ev1.net
I am looking for any info on Smith Williams, born 1774 in N.C. listed in 1810-20-30-40and 50 census of Pulaski Co. Kentuckey. Who were his parents, his wife and what were his children names?

Submitted On: 27 Dec 2004 - Submitted By: Trisha R Vilhauer - mommavil@charter.net
My mother Kitty May Williams, was born in California in 1951, her mother and father are Madeline Seippel, and Elmo William Williams, now Elmo is the important link here, see we found him, he spent alot of time in San Quentin, for burglaries, and attempted murder of my grandmother Madeline. He was released in 1981 and went to work and started over, he had a pretty good life, had a girlfriend who had a son but never made an effort to contact any of his 5 children. About 3 years after his release, he came home from work and his girlfriend was there and her 17 year old son and my grandfather got into an argument over the use of the car, well the 17 year old pulled out a gun and shot my grandfather in the head, killing him instantly, the kid then proceded to run through a park and shoot a pregnant woman, who was okay. To my knowledge the young man is still in prison, ironically enough San Quentin. Okay well to get on with it, Elmo's mother and father are Arthur Edward Williams, and Mary Margaret Traynor(these two were not married but she took his name anyway.) We have some information on her, but Arthur Edward Williams, just kind of disappeared, we can't find him anywhere, to the best of my knowledge, he died on skid row in Los Angeles, not sure what year. Their children were as follows. Arthur Williams B. 1923 California, Edward Williams 1925 California, and Elmo Williams, 1927, Mary also had 3 other children from a previous marriage. We do know that Arthur Edward was born approximately 1887 in Chicago Illinois, from Elmo's death certificate. That is all we have, If anyone can help please let me know we have contacted all living relatives that would know him and they all say that Arthur was a worthless piece of trash and refuse to speak of him....not very helpful........heehee.

Submitted On: 11 Jan 2005 - Submitted By: Bob Williams - bw7jn@tds.net
My brick wall is my gggrandfather, SAMUEL M. WILLIAMS. He was born in 1802 in Montgomery Co. MD. Married KEZIAH PURDUM about 1830. He was the night watchman at the armory in Harper?s Ferry, and was one of the first to be captured by John Brown. His son, WILLIAM WILLIAMS was a watchman on the railroad bridge and was also captured by John Brown?s men. I am trying to find the date he died and where he is buried. I also need the names of his parents. LDS records indicate they lived in Montgomery Co. MD. The 1850 census shows the occupation for Samuel Williams was ?Tob. Gatherer?. That is the best I could decipher the handwriting of the census taker. Would this be Tobacco Gatherer? If so, what is that? Is that possibly something like a buyer who went to farms to buy tobacco for a company ? something like a broker? Or would that be the guy who pulls the leaves off the stalk so that it can be cured? Thanks for any help.

Submitted On: 11 Jan 2005 - Submitted By: Mary Colvin - mcolvin@vikingnet.net
I am trying to reasearch the following line:

1 Unknown Williams
Children: George W. (1873-1959)
Samson (1865-)
UNNAMED (1869-)
Bill (1870-)
Emma (1875-)
Tom (1879-)
A. P. (1881-)
Issac (1883-)

1.1 George W. Williams
Birth: 25 Feb 1873, Madison County, Arkansas; Death: 23 Nov 1959, Leedey, Dewey County, Oklahoma
Burial: 25 Nov 1959, Evergreen Cemetery;
Spouse: Mabel Walton
Birth: 11 Jul 1886, Harrison County, Missouri; Death: 9 Feb 1920, Leedey, Dewey County, Oklahoma
Father: W. W. Walton, Mother: Catherine Ann "Kitty" Kelly

Children: Mary (1908-1996)
Rachel (1914-1979)
Joseph (-1994)
Neta Ellen (Died as Infant) (1919-1920)

1.2 Samson Williams; Birth: 11 Nov 1865, Kentucky
1.3 Unknown Williams; Birth: 13 Feb 1869, Kentucky; Spouse: N. J. Craig
1.4 Bill Williams; Birth: 18 Dec 1870, Kentucky
1.5 Emma Williams; Birth: 4 Feb 1875; Spouse: O'Toole
1.6 Tom Williams; Birth: 7 Feb 1879
1.7 A. P. Williams; Birth: 1881
1.8 Issac Williams; Birth: 23 Mar 1883

I have hit a brick wall for quite some time. The whole bunch seemed to reside around the town of Leedey, Oklahoma. I would love any help that anyone could give me! I am quite frustrated! Thanks~

Submitted On: 11 Jan 2005 - Submitted By: Virginia Gieske - Bjgieske@aol.com
My maternal grandmother was Theo Docia Williams who was born in 1884 in Trigg County, KY. Her parents were Lessenberry Williams and Synthia Ann Vinson. The parents of Lessenberry were Futrell Williams and Frances Elizabeth Craig. The parents of Futrell were Arthur Williams and Mariam Futrell. This is as far back as I have been able to trace my Williams line. Arthur and his wife were born in Northampton County, NC, around 1770 and moved to Trigg County, KY, in the early 1800's. If you have any information taking this Williams line further back, I would greatly appreciate knowing about it.

Submitted On: 11 Jan 2005 - Submitted By: Jim Williams - calljimw2@yahoo.com
My gr gr gr Grandfather's name was HENRY WILLIAMS married to MARY ANN CHRISMAN m. in 1818 in Williamson Co, TN their children were JAMES G, GEORGE, HENRY, MARTHA, LENINA, WILLIAM M, SUSAN, MARY ANN and frances. WILLIAM M WILLIAMS was my gr gr GrandFather all the children were born in Williamson, Co, TN. This information according to a WILL dated 1850 by Mary's brothers ISAAC and JOSEPH leaving property to Mary and to be divided at her death however she died in 1832 so the division must not have occoured untill after Henry's death. and the will was proved in 1859. My gr Grand farher was WILLIAM M WILLIAMS b. 1835 in Franklin, TN later moved to MARIES, Co, MO. where he fought in the Civil War for the Union in the 35th Illinois Infantry co E in Missouri. (Certificate #352.322) he was wonded and only served just over a year being discharged in 1862. His Wife's name was Rebeccah (Holman) Morse. their children were as follows, PHILLIP T,b.1860, Mo. WILLIAM (BILLY) JOICE WILLIAMS, b. 1861, MO. ELIZA ANN,b. 1864, NICIE JANE,b.1868. JOHN, b.1870. M.F. Williams, b.1876. They later moved to SEARCY, Co, ARkansas. my gr Grandpa William ( Billy) JOICE Williams, married, MARTHA "J" (HUTCHINS) WALDEN on 12 July 1881 in Searcy, Co, AR their children were PHILLIP "N", b. 1883 AR./ CHARLIE "K",b. 1886,AR/ / MINNIE,b. 1888. AR/ REBECCA ANN,b. 1893.AR/ BESSIE JANE,b. 1895.AR/ and JAMES "JIM" WILLIAMS my Grandpa, b.1897,AR. I would love to know where Henry WILLIAMS came from and who his parents were.

Submitted On: 4 Feb 2005 - Submitted By: Natalie Tuman - natalietuman@hotmail.com
I am currently very stuck on the parents of this John Williams. His marriage to Matilda is listed in Crittenden County Arkansas but the courthouse cannot find the actual record. His son Benjamin is my Great Grandfather and we always knew him as Benjamin Franklin Williams, but on the Dawes Applications for his 2nd wife he was listed as Benjamin W. Williams. Benjamin went back and forth between OK and AR durring his lifetime. I have placed his parents back in the 1850 census then sometime between 1860 and 1870 John and Matilda dissappear and their youngest kids end up living with another family. Any Help would be wonderfull!

Descendants of John WILLIAMS
1. John WILLIAMS (b. abt.1820-North Carolina or Tennessee d.between 1860-1870)
sp: Matilda HANELKANS/HANLCON (b.abt. 1826-Tennessee m.1845 d. between 1860-1870 Arkansas)
|-2. James WILLIAMS (b.1843-Arkansas,Crittenden Cty,Blackfish Twp)
|-2. Henry WILLIAMS (b.1846-Arkansas,Crittenden Cty,Blackfish Twp)
|-2. Sarah WILLIAMS (b.1847-Arkansas,Crittenden Cty,Blackfish Twp)
|-2. Irene WILLIAMS (b.1848-Arkansas,Crittenden Cty,Blackfish Twp)
|-2. John WILLIAMS Jr (b.1850-Arkansas,Crittenden Cty,Blackfish Twp)
|-2. Matilda WILLIAMS (b.1852-ARKansas)
|-2. Barpai WILLIAMS (b.1854-Arkansas)
|-2. Shelby WILLIAMS (b.1856-Arkansas)
|-2. Mary WILLIAMS (b.1857-Arkansas)
+-2. Benjamin W. WILLIAMS (b.1860-Poinsett County,Mitchell Twp,Arkansas d.1933-Arkansas)
sp: Stella W. STEVENS (b.1869-MS m.1885 d.1893)
sp: Alice HENSON (b.1875-Cherokee Nation,Canadian District,Indian Territory,Oklahoma m.1893 d.1902-Muskogee,Oklahoma)
sp: Eliza BOYD (b.1886 m.1911 d.1951-Muskogee,OK)

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